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Concrete Premix in UAE

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About Concrete Premix

Concrete Premix

Ready-mix or premix concrete is manufactured at batching plants or factories. The ready-mix consists of various compositions of cement, water, and aggregates. These compositions or set recipes are a precise mixture of the ingredients in the production of specialty concrete mixes. Premixed concrete is produced in batches and loaded into cement-mixer trucks, and are transported to construction sites. The transit time of these trucks from the plant to the construction site is crucial. If the truck takes too long, the mixture could harden and become unusable. However, modern aggregates include materials that can prolong the setting time of the mix to allow delivery to distanced construction sites. Ready-mix or premix concrete is used widely in most construction projects around the world. These specialty mixes can contain a range of additives to change the properties of the concrete. These batches are produced and sold according to the volume required. Premix concrete is considered as an alternative to on-site mixing. It is also preferred over on-site mixing to reduce work-site confusion and because of the precision of the mix. These premixes more usually more durable and sustainable than on-site mixed concrete.

A few advantages of concrete premix are quality, feasibility, less wastage, versatility, less pollution, and so on. The quality of the concrete produced by professionals is significantly exceptional, while reducing construction time by availability of premix concrete. The total amount of cement used is reduced, and wastage is prevented through the versatility of the wide range of ready-mixes produced. Production of premix concrete in bulk helps reduce the amount of energy used and pollution caused during production. Several construction agencies and construction suppliers deal with concrete premix in UAE. Some of these suppliers of concrete premix in UAE can be found in Mussafah industrial area, Al Ain Cement factory road, Al Quoz, etc.