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Container Houses in UAE

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About Container Houses

Container houses are designed in different ways to support living conditions. They are homes which are built using shipping containers which are brand new, used or condemned. Shipping containers can be modified and customised in different ways due to their robust design. Some freight container designers specially construct containers for constructing homes. Since freight containers are relatively inexpensive they are more affordable than constructing traditional brick homes. They can be easily welded which does not require hard labour. Container houses are an eco-friendly option as they are constructed using old recycled shipping containers. It saves the use of construction materials such as bricks, concrete or wood and every time a house is constructed 3.5 tonnes of steel is being recycled instead of being scrapped. Container houses can be constructed quickly as it involves not construction but only designing and modification. As containers already have walls, an overhead roof and flooring. The door of the container can be used as an entry point or a section of steel can be cut from the wall and hinged to one side to form a working door. Container house designers also attach a strong lock made up of reinforced steel which can be connected to an access control system for secure access. They also add a small makeshift ramp or steps near the bottom of the container door for ease of access. They add electrical fixtures and connect them to an external power source such as a generator. They also provide decorative lighting options which are visually appealing and cover your interiors with attractive wallpapers. Designers add suitable furniture to the interior such as single size bed, bunk bed, storage cabinets, dressers, wardrobes etc.

Container houses are connected to an off-grid power source which is independent and self-reliant. Designers fit a solar panel powered battery which helps harness electricity in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. They set up chemical toilets or portable toilets in the house and if the container is big enough they construct a small toilet with a basic plumbing equipment. These houses are prefabricated therefore the time involved in construction is less. They can be transported from place to place in a safe and secure manner by securing them to a trailer or a railway flatbed carriage. They can be transported by rail, flight or by trucks by using cranes place them on flatbed coaches or truck trailers. Some popular container house designs include rustic container home, two-storey carton home, mobile dwelling unit, triple freight container home and data centre container home. Freight containers are designed to remain strong and offer resistance to adverse climatic conditions, therefore, they can also be used as emergency hurricane shelters. Container houses are very versatile in design and they can be used in construction sites to accommodate labourers and in areas which are prone to earthquakes. Some popular locations to get in touch with freight container suppliers and container house designers in the UAE are Deira, Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Al Quasis, Ras Al Khor, Umm Ramool, Airport road, Musaffah, Electra Street, Port Saeed, Hamriyah Free zone, SAIF zone and Industrial area 12.

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