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If you have plans to buy a new car or a used car, there are a number of authorized car dealers in Dubai to who excel in trading cars. They specialize in different classes & brands of cars. There are different classes of cars in general viz., economic cars (compact cars), Sedan, sports utility vehicles, luxury cars & sports cars.

The Economic car class is further classified into compact, subcompact and mini compact. These cars are meant for a small family and they provide high fuel efficiency compared to any other class of cars. Sedan class cars are more spacious than compact cars but consume a little more fuel compared to the compact cars and have powerful engines compared to small family cars. They are also referred to as saloon cars & large family cars. Minivans and Multi utility vehicles also fall under this category. SUV stands for Sports utility vehicles which are built to drive off roads. Their design is in an upright fashion and provides huge ground clearance which makes it able to drive off-road places. It is easy to spot a luxury or sports car in Dubai. A scene of traffic jam in Dubai seems like a fancy car show on the road. This category comprises of Compact executive cars, executive cars, 2 seater executive cars, estate cars, Grand saloon and estate station wagons. The Sports cars are just luxury cars meant for heavy performance & motorsports.

A dealer is just as important as any other specifications of the car. It is just not happy ending once you own a car. You need a friendly relationship with the dealer beyond the purchase for service and accessories. A dealer with qualities like dedicated showrooms and service centers with skilled workers to serve you is what you need. There are plenty of such dealers listed up here for new cars as well as used cars. The popular places to look for car dealers in UAE are Al Quoz Industrial Area Dubai, Umm Al Nar Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khor Dubai, Deira Dubai, Aweer in Dubai and Ajman.

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