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Concrete Premix in Dubai

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About Concrete Premix

Concrete Premix

Premix concrete, also known as ready-mix concrete, is produced at batching plants or factories. These mixes consist of various compositions of cement, water, and other additives. These varying compositions or recipes are precise mixtures of ingredients to produce several specialty concrete mixes. Premixed concrete is manufactured in batches and are directly loaded into cement-mixer trucks and transported to construction-sites. The time taken for these trucks to reach the construction site is critical. Exceeding the time limit could risk the mixture hardening, making it unusable. However, modern additives include materials that are capable of prolonging the time taken for the mixture to set. This makes delivery to far off construction sites possible.

Premix concrete is used in almost all construction projects around the world. These specialty ready-mixes consist of a wide range of additives. These additives change the properties of the concrete, to make them more effective. Several batches are produced, loaded, and delivered according to the volume of concrete required. Premix concrete is considered as a more preferred alternative to on-site mixing. It is more preferred as it reduces work-site confusion because of the precision in the composition of the mix. Premixed concrete is usually more sustainable and durable than on-site mixed concrete.

Concrete premix has a few advantages like quality, less pollution, less wastage, feasibility, versatility, and so on. Professionally manufactured concrete is significantly exceptional in quality, and reduces construction time, as on-site concrete mixing is not needed. The total quantity of cement used is significantly lesser, and there is little or no wastage because of the wide range of ready-mixed concrete. Premix concrete is manufactured in bulk and therefore reduces total energy consumption and pollution. Several construction suppliers and agencies deal with concrete premix in UAE. Establishments that deal with concrete premix in UAE can be found in Garhoud, Al Quoz, Mussafah industrial area, etc.