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About Glass Printing

Digital Printing Glass in UAE

Glass printing is one of the methods that enhances the use of glass in the most classic and elegant way. The demand for glass printing grows every time. The glass printing services are adopted by architectures who wanted to give unique touch to their construction projects. Glasses are turning to be a contemporary medium which is mostly nowadays used for decoration purpose. Immense options and varieties are available in the glass printing methods.

Some of the age-old technique is the screen-printing method. This method allows to print both the interior and exterior surface of the glass. They use a stencil and mesh screen to print designs on the glass. They provide a high-quality image on the glass.Digital printing is the latest technology adopted in the printing industry. UV printing and digital ceramic printing are the two major methods used in the digital printing.

UV printing method is the most cost effective with unlimited color combinations. Digital ceramic printing creates a ultra-thin layer coat on top of the glass. The color pigments are infused after the printing. Hence, they are versatile and easy to use. They are capable to producing natural looking effect on the glass. Above listed are the top glass printing companies in United Arab Emirates.

Digital printings are applied for versatile applications like architectural glass in building facades, interior partitions, interior designs like kitchen backsplashes, shower enclosure, retail and advertisement applications like storefronts, display cases, and signage and automobile glasses.

Technology behind digital printing glass

Digital printing on glass uses ceramic ink and digital printers for high quality and durable design, this printers are of two types flatbed and roll to roll printers that are applied for large glass panels and automobile glass applications. The ceramic ink used in digital printing technologies are UV-Curable Inks and Solvent based inks to fuse with the glass surface along with piezoelectric and thermal print heads for high resolution prints by applying electric charges to precisely control ink droplet ejection as well heat to create vapor bubbles that propel ink droplets onto the glass surface and lastly the glass is fired in a kiln.

Types of Digital Printing Technologies

Some of the types of digital printing on glasses are ceramic ink digital printing, UV digital printing, solvent based digital printing , Water based digital printing, dye sublimation printing are widely applied in industries.

  • Ceramic Ink Digital Printing: One of the most popular digital printing method on glasses utilizes ceramic inks to create digital print heads. These ceramic ink in digital printing on glasses has excellent durability, UV and scratch resistant. Some of its applications are automobile glasses and home appliances.
  • UV Digital Printing applies UV light to cure or dry the ink immediately after it is printed onto the glass surface. Some of its applications are decorative glass panels, signage, promotional items.
  • Solvent-based digital printing uses solvent inks that dissolve the pigments and binders, allowing them to adhere to the glass surface. These printings are applied in Outdoor signage, window graphics, and decorative glass for buildings.

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