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Our mission is to provide hearing solutions that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated in daily life and enable people to hear naturally.

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About Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids in UAE

Small medical devices such as thermometers, blood pressure meters and hearing aids in UAE are easily available at drug stores. Some of the top class hearing aids are available at highly competitive rates. The sales professionals at these stores are highly knowledgeable on how to use these devices for maximum possible benefits. The pharmacies and medical supply stores in the area keep both local and imported devices to fulfill the needs of international clients. However, locally produced hearing aids are as popular as the imported one. It goes without saying that the buyers get the same quality at a cheaper price when they buy the local product.

Hearing Aid is a small electronic device that catches the sound in the atmosphere and amplifies it. The device is worn at the back of the ear flap so that the person wearing that can listen, participate and reply based on the sounds transmitted to the device. Hearing aid device can help people to hear sounds in both quiet and noisy environment. A hearing aid consists of three main parts which is a microphone, amplifier and a speaker. The microphone attached to the hearing aid picks up the sound and converts them into electrical signals, amplifier receives the electric signal and later increases the power of the electric signal and passes the same to the ear through the speakers. Loss of hearing is the cause of damaged sensory cells in the inner ear, referred to as hair cell. Thus a digital hearing aid magnifies the sound and converts them into neural signals which are sent to the brain.

Listed here are the leading hearing aid suppliers, manufacturers and dealers in UAE. They supply all kinds of hearing aids like behind the ear, in the ear and the ear canal aid. Behind the ear, digital aid consists of hard plastic mould which is attached behind the ear. The invisible in-canal hearing aid is the smallest device available in the market. They are so tiny that they can fit deep inside the canal and it is impossible to figure out the user has a hearing aid in his ear canal. Keeping in mind that the best hearing electronic device may depend on the personal preference of the user and might vary from one person to the other.

Widex is one of the top suppliers of hearing aid in UAE, Dubai. They give unique tailor-made solutions for users. They provide perfect design and fit the individuals and ensure that it is comfortable to carry the hearing aid. They also supply assistant hearing accessories that come in a stylish design with a high-quality streaming system. Hearing aids with artificial intelligence sensor technologies are also available. They support fall detection alerts, language translation, voice to text transcription. People with a ringing noise in ears can use wireless and tinnitus hearing aids. Contact the listed hearing aid dealers in UAE to get the best price for hearing devices of your choice at the earliest with unique turnkey solutions.

Signia - Telephone Compatibility, Wireless, Directional Microphone, Telecoil, Direct Audio Input
Oticon - Customized, Simulated Hearing Aid, Small power, Battery Last 50 Hours with 2years warranty
ReSound GN - 100% Invisible, clear natural sound, miniature size combined with the exceptional build quality
Widex - Best sound experience, Well-fitted and comfortable, reputable brand and leading manufacturer
Phonak - High-quality hearing aids on the market today at least price
Starkey - Affordable with modern styles, hearing aid specialist, multiple testing and fine-tuning
Kirkland - Acoustic motion sensors for better hearing, 20% better battery life, 16% smaller in size
Philips - Offered in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions, automatic sound optimization, true hands-free calling
Unitron - Next-gen chip provides 15% better speech understanding, user-friendly and hands-free usage
Starkey - Hearing aids to use motion sensors, audio adjustment and direct streaming for Apple devices.

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