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207, Fatima Abdul Rahman Building, Muwaihat 3Ajman, UAE 8881
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Office M03, Al Qadi Building, Ittihad RoadRas Al Khaimah, UAE
About Lifts

A lift is a type of vertical transport system that allows the movement of people and objects from and to different levels of a building. Lifts are also classified according to the building height, building type, elevator location and special uses. Lifts that are classified according to hoist mechanism are hydraulic lifts, traction lifts, climbing lifts and pneumatic lifts.

Hydraulic lifts can travel up to sixty feet at a speed of two hundred feet per minute. Hydraulic lifts have a fluid driven piston that is mounted inside a cylinder. These metal pistons are underneath the car and help the lift to move up and down. Traction lifts are faster than hydraulic elevators but traction lifts require more space as the machine room of the elevator is either placed on top or bottom of the elevator shaft, whereas in a hydraulic lift a machine room is not required. Hydraulic lifts require regular maintenance and lubrication to operate efficiently. Installing hydraulic lifts also have many advantages which include durability, safety, comfort and it produces less noise. Hydraulic lifts are also less expensive than electric lifts. Climbing lifts are used at construction sites and are powered by an electric or combustion engine.

Lifts that are classified according to the building type includes, parking building lifts, hospital lifts, residential or domestic lifts, industrial lifts, commercial lifts and agricultural lifts. Hospital bed elevators are designed to transport a hospital bed to and from different floors of the hospital with the minimum discomfort to the patient. Hospital bed elevators are also designed with a number of safety features. Hospital lifts consume less energy and can operate on the hospital's backup power supply if there is a power outage. Industrial lifts are designed to carry heavy loads and are commonly used at construction sites, warehouses and shipyards. Lifts are also fitted with safety devices or mechanisms that ensure the safety of the passengers inside the lift even if there is an accident. Some of the devices include a device for locking landing doors, progressive safety gear, over speed governor and buffers.

Eco-friendly lifts produce power that could be used for other purposes and there is no need to cool the elevator machine. Therefore eco-friendly lifts help you save a lot by reducing your power consumption. These elevators do not require regular maintenance because they do not have cables and gear pistons, so the need for lubrication and other maintenance work is eliminated and there will be no oil leaks. Green elevators are manufactured with special sensors that identify when the system is idle and allows the system to enter idle mode. This further improves the energy efficiency of the lift. Some of the most popular locations in UAE to get in touch with manufacturers and suppliers of lifts are Al Garhoud and Business Bay in Dubai, Abu Shagara in Sharjah and Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi. These companies also provide lift installation services and lift modernization services.

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