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Manpower Outsourcing in UAE

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About Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower outsourcing is a service which is offered to information technology sectors, management companies, manufacturing companies, service providers and research and development companies. Recruitment companies, recruitment agencies, outsourcing service providers and training institutes offer this service. Outsourcing companies provide different types of services such as contract staffing, temporary staffing, payroll outsourcing, job outsourcing, background screening and training. They also provide risk management service, employee assistance, candidate counselling, healthcare benefit, retirement planning, performance management and drug screening.

A human resource organization deals with providing different types of manpower outsourcing services. They conduct mass recruitment campaigns which attract eligible candidates. They also offer customized services which can be altered according to how they would like to outsource. They help companies by reducing the cost required for recruitment and the time involved in conducting campaigns to attract candidates. They also save time and effort for clients in evaluating and shortlisting the companies. Large-scale industries and multinational companies need not waste time in appointing a team for recruiting candidates as they can leave the job to recruiting agencies and companies which provide manpower outsourcing services. Recruiting agencies follow a conservative approach to address candidates and guide them through the recruitment process. Outsourcing agents take full responsibility to perform all recruitment operations and human resource functions are outsourced properly. In most large companies most roles are outsourced, however, the role of an HR remains intact. As the human resource manager needs to conduct a final assessment of the selected employees to ensure that the candidate meets the demands set by the organization. A professional employer organization offers different types of manpower outsourcing services which are beneficial for all large-scale industries and multinational companies. The professional employer organizations present in the manpower outsourcing company deals with all human resource related tasks. When a client outsources his business to a professional employer organization they begin a co-employment relationship where the PEO becomes the employer. This organization can subsidize rates on retirement packages, health benefits, employee holiday benefits and much more.

A manpower outsourcing company deals with payroll processing, payroll record maintenance, payroll management, payroll tax reporting, paycheck preparation, garnishment, employment verification, worker compensation unemployment claims administration and recruiting support. They offer strategic support which helps create a new employee onboarding and statewide training programmes which effectively reduce turnover and improve customer satisfaction. Manpower outsourcing helps reduce stress and allows you to select the service which is beneficial for your need. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide manpower outsourcing services in the UAE are Electra street, Tourist club area, Al Aweer, Al Quoz industrial area, Ras Al Khor, Rolla and Nasser street.