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Recycling in UAE

510, Business Avenue Bldg, GarhoudDubai, UAE 36305
Products & Services : Recycled Products Paper-Plastic
Bhnd KHK Steel Mills, New Indl AreaAjman, UAE 20846
Products & Services : Recycled Products Paper-Plastic
211, Deyaar Bldg., Street #2A, Al Barsha 1Dubai, UAE 282598
Al BarshaDubai, UAE 125576
Products & Services : Recycled Products Paper-Plastic
Al Quoz Indl Area 4Dubai, UAE 11388

About Recycling

Recycling is the method of processing used or discarded materials into new useful products. This not only saves costs but also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, it reduces dependency on natural resources and conserves energy effectively and controls land air and water pollution. Waste materials which can be put to good use include paper waste, plastic waste, glass waste, wood waste and aluminium waste. Companies which provide waste recycling services use waste processing plants which convert used recyclable products. Waste processing plants or recycling plants consist of different chambers for easier access and faster processing. Recycling protects the environment, conserves natural resources, saves energy and creates opportunities for clients. It saves the environment by preventing waste from being dumped into landfills and making the most use of resources. It conserves natural resources by reducing dependency on natural resources and depleting them. It saves energy by reducing the effort involved in producing new materials. It provides new opportunities for employees as they can be appointed to work in waste processing plants.

Companies which recycle aluminium products collect discarded aluminium products, wash them and sort them accordingly. Some of them also provide different types of collection services to help collect waste products. They use a big magnet or a big electromagnet to attract aluminium and roll them on a conveyor belt to remove solid metal objects and other forms of debris. The aluminium waste is melted in a blast furnace where paint and designed are removed and molten liquid is poured into the desired mould. Glass recycling is the process of collecting used glass materials and glass objects, crushing them and transferring them to glass manufacturing companies. Recyclates are raw materials which are processed in waste recycling plants to form new products.

Recycling plastic is a very important as plastic can cause harm to the environment as it is a non-biodegradable product. Used plastic materials such as plastic bottles and polyethene bags can be melted or converted into plastic pellets and re created into new plastic products. Companies which recycle products provide emphasis on environmental awareness and brief them about the importance of recycling products. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide recycling services in the UAE are Al Quoz industrial area, Tourist club area, Hamdan Street, Garhoud, New Industrial Area, Al Barsha and Karama.

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