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Silica Sand in UAE

King Faisal Rd.Sharjah, UAE 4402
Near Tas-heel Roundabout, Sajaa Industrial AreaSharjah, UAE 28481
Bhnd Caterpillar S/Room, Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 7092

About Silica Sand

Silica Sand in UAE

Silica Sand in UAE is used for various industrial and commercial purposes. It is a widely available sand and commonly used in glass making. Silica sand is used to make moulds and castings also. There are many suppliers of silica sand in this region. This sand is manufactured by crushing sand stone or quartzite. It is used in construction and foundries and water purification systems. Flat glass, used to make windows and doors are made using silica sand. Ceramic products manufacturing and adhesives also use silica sand. This sand is used for stimulating oil production and is also used as fillers in a number of products.

Silica sand is a granular sand-like material rich in oxygen and silica. Quartz is the most common form of silicon dioxide. It is then broken down into a grainy substance by water and wind, and the end product is called silica sand. Silica sand is also named white sand, industrial sand or quartz, available in multiple colours. The most common shade is white or colourless. Silica sand contains a low melting point and high thermal expansion characteristics, making it ideal for industrial applications. Silica sand is the essential raw material for manufacturing various types of standard and special glasses. Silica sand is in use in the sports field and golf court for bunkers and greens. They help to support plant growth and maintains the greens and fairways. Silica sand is also mixed with calcium and lime to make fine quality bricks. They are highly durable and non-resistant to the sulphur-rich environment.

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