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Solar Ac in UAE

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Solar AC

The demand for air conditioners are increasing every day because of the change in climate and global warming. The solar power operated air conditioners uses renewable energy to compress the incoming air. This is one of the effective method to reduce on the energy bill. Solar air conditioner system involves the method of heating and cooling by utilising the solar power instead of the electricity from the mains. On a longer run solar power system involves less cost compared to the general electricity controlled air conditioners.Hybrid solar air conditioners are the latest launch in the market. These solar air conditioners are operated using the renewable energy. Their energy from the sun is stored in the grid thus consuming zero percent electricity from the mains. However, whenever the solar power battery drains, the system is automatically switched to the electricity operating mode. Solar panels for such air conditioners are manufactured with linear power output with the warranty of about ten years. Solar Ac is the best alternative during power cuts and they are much affordable. They are the best long tome asset for any commercial and domestic holdings. Also it is the wise decision to run the high power consuming electronics in the solar driven environment. Above listed are the dealers of solar powered air conditioners in United Arab Emirates.