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Steel Wool in UAE

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About Steel Wool

Steel Wool in UAE
steel wool suppliers in UAE

Steel wool is referred by various names like iron wool, steel wire wool or iron sponge, etc. They are a group of steel filaments or metal strips that are used against abrasive scraping or scrubbing vessels. The metal is shaved and made into several fine strands that are grouped to form a ball of quality steel wool. Steel wools are manufactured using low-quality carbon steel wires Wool or aluminum or steel wire. Fine strands of steel or any metal can easily rip off grease and compact dust. Thus, now soft sponges are replaced by steel wool as they effectively produce results. The grades of the steel wool vary on the coarseness of the material. More coarse the wool is, the better the abrasive effect is. And the finer ones are feeble and less abrasive. Thin fibrous steel wires are roughly made in to cluster and later folded and cut into thin bars to form steel wools. Steel wools are ideal for cleaning surfaces like glass, steel, timber, etc. They are mostly used by plumbers, tiler, cleaning and industrial suppliers. Listed are the leading steel wool dealers and suppliers in UAE.

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