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Swimming Pool Coping Stones in UAE

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About Swimming Pool Coping Stones

Swimming Pool Coping Stones

Swimming pool coping stones are those that are used to cap the edge of a swimming pool. When a swimming pool is built in the ground with concrete it would need coping. Coping refers to capping the edges of the pool, where the ground meets the swimming pool cavity. Coping is needed to provide people who use the pool with a good grip to prevent accidents that could prove fatal. Apart from its need to fulfill safety norms, these stones help improve the appeal of the pool. These coping stones and are with concrete, tile and natural stone and come in many shapes, sizes, and designs.

Swimming pool coping stones are installed on the bond beam to cover the concrete edge and conceal the steel that sticks out of the pool walls. Out of all the types of coping stones that are available in the market, smooth white stones with a bull-nose edge are the most common. Pool coping stones are commonly chosen to match or contrast the rest of the deck and paving. These stones integrate the finish and the tiles of the pool and prevent water from getting behind the pool shell. If these stones or tiles are installed the right way, any water the splashes out of the pool should flow away from the pool and into drains on the deck. Coping stones come in three types of shapes, these are straight lengths, curved sections, and corner coping.

Swimming pool manufacturers and suppliers of pool products commonly deal with all kinds of swimming pool coping stones in UAE. They offer products that suit both residential and commercial pools from products like coping stones to pumps, heaters, and lights. Listed with us are some of the most renowned suppliers of swimming pool coping stones in UAE. Some of which can be found at International City and Karama in Dubai, M-45 in Abu Dhabi, and Kuwaiti R/A in Sharjah.