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Urology Clinics in UAE

Al Razi Building 64 Block C/D 3013, Dubai Healthcare CityDubai, UAE
Products & Services : Urology Clinics
Euromed Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Rd 611Dubai, UAE 57394
2018, Block D, Ak Razi Bldg, Dubai Health Care CityDubai, UAE 15376
Products & Services : Urology Clinics

About Urology Clinics

There are various specialized urology clinics in UAE for diagnosing and treatment of patients with urological disorders. Ailments like renal failure, urinary tract infections, incontinence, urinary retention, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and urinary tract obstruction are diagnosed and treated in these clinics. Various experienced and certified urological doctors and surgeons provide excellent medical care in these clinics. The testing services provided in these clinics include urinalysis, urodynamic testing, cystoscopy, blood tests and adrenal hormone tests. These clinics are treat men, women and children with urological disorders. The urology clinics are regularly sanitized and completely safe diagnostic and treatment centres.

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