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Water Meters in UAE

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About Water Meters

Water Meters

Water meters are devices that measure the characteristics of water such as its speed of flow, how well it conducts electricity, its pH balance and the quantity used. Water meters are also used to measure the right amount of liquid to be added to a product or process, to evaluate remedial actions that could be taken to improve the quality of water and can also detect leaks. There are different types of water meters to measure or analyze the characteristics of water.

Water Flow meters are used to measure the amount of water used by a customer. This device helps suppliers monitor their water supply and ensure that the right amount of water is supplied and they can charge customers on the amount of water they have used each month. Water flow meters are also used in other industries to measure the amount of fluids used in a manufacturing process, to test the amount of fluid in an HVAC system, to inject the right amount of fluid when making concrete and in gas pumps.

Water Velocity meters or current meters are used to measure the flow or the speed/ velocity of the water. This meter is used to measure the speed of a stream or a river. A water pH meter is used to measure the relative acidity of the liquid. A salinometer measures the salt content of a liquid and a water temperature gauge measures the heat content in water.

DIP 2, Dubai and Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi are the two best-known locations in UAE to purchase water meters and to find companies that install water meters in your homes and establishment.

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