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"We started in 2002, bringing in high level of proficiency and reliability in aluminum Scaffolding, equipment rental, equipment trading and services. Since then we should we have pioneering with special emphasis on executing critical projects within time bound scheduled. 
We are specialized in the manufacture of aluminum Scaffolding and tower access Scaffolds. They provide a safe, temporary work platform that meets all requirements for the new occupational health and safety regulations. 
We offer a variety of solutions that include lightweight aluminum mobile scaffolds, aluminum narrow scaffolds and aluminum access towers."


Double width mobile scaffold tower
Single width mobile scaffold tower narrow
Stairway mobile scaffold tower
Bridge way mobile scaffold tower
Folding platform scaffold
Aluminum die casting
Plastic molding
Brace locking hooks
Blocking holder
Supple foot
Adjustable legs
Castor wheel (with breaks)
Aluminum welding
Plastic cap
Platform clip
Standard platform
Aluminum platform
Easy assembly clamps
Single straight ladder (c-section)