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CMCO Material Handling Equipment in Abu Dhabi

Pallet trucks are one of the most common material-handling equipment in the industry. They are referred to as industrial trucks. Columbus McKinnon is a well know material-handling equipment manufacturer globally. Pallet trucks help to move materials within the industrial plant. Pallet trucks are the basic version of forklifts and help to lift, hold and move pallets.

Hand pallet trucks :Hand pallet trucks are manual pallet trucks that primarily use hand power for lifting and moving goods. CMCO supplies stainless steel hand pallet trucks with one hand operating to handle lifting, deriving and lowering. They are low-maintenance yet high-performing material handling equipment made of premium quality chromium plated piston and has a pressure relief valve.

Features : 
Weighing capacity: 2000Kg
Tyre type: Pascal (Pa) 
Steering rollers: 200*50
Load rollers: 82*70
Stroke: 115
Height of control handle: 1200mm
Fork height: 85mm 
Fork length: 1150mm 

Hand pallet trucks with weighing system :A hand pallet truck with a weighing system is a material handling system used to lift and move pallets while also measuring their weight. It has two functions in one device: a pallet truck to move goods and a weighing system. The capacity of a hand pallet truck with a weighing system is 2000kg.

Features : 
Weighing capacity: 2000Kg
Tyre type: Polyurethane 
Steering rollers: 200*50mm
Load rollers: 82*70mm
Turning circle radius: 1330mm
Ground clearance: 40mm
Fork height: 45mm 
Fork length: 160mm 

Scissor pallet trucks :A scissor pallet truck is a mechanical tool used to haul and manoeuvre items of freight. Scissor pallet trucks are available in manual and semi-electric models. The scissor lift mechanism is used to provide a higher stroke than what is supplied by a hydraulic piston. Scissor pallet trucks are simple and efficient.

Features : 
Load capacity: 1000Kg
Weight : 122Kg
Height of control handle: 1254mm
Fork height lowered:85mm
Ground clearance: 18mm
Tyre type: Polyurethane

Electric pallet trucks :Electric pallet trucks use the battery to store power and give the benefit of power lift and power drive to users. They make palletized goods move easily. Electric pallet trucks are available in different models, including electric pedestrian pallet trucks, which are ideal for the rapid loading and unloading of goods. They also have safety features like emergency stop buttons and automatic braking systems.

Features : 
Capacity: 1500Kg
Tyre type: Polyurethane
Steering rollers: 210*70
Aisle width pallet: 2000 mm
Travel speed with/without load: 4.6Km/h
Drive motor rating: 0.65Kw
Service brake: Electric
voltage: 24 V/Ah

Manual drive stackers
Manual drive stackers are used for internal applications for stacking and transporting palletised goods and loading and unloading shelves and lorries. They are designed for occasional or intermittent use and are an economical alternative to forklifts or powered stackers. Manual drive stackers are available in various configurations, including foot pump and hand pump. They are manually operated and require physical effort to move and lift pallets, skids, or containers. Manual drive stackers are also known as manual lift/manual drive pallet stackers.