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Cranes in UAE

Floor 9, International Tower, Capital CentreAbu Dhabi, UAE
M 34, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi, UAE 91567
Plot 3/4, M 39, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 8103
Industrial Area 3Sharjah, UAE 35251

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House No 11/28, Street N0 3, Faseel RoadFujairah, UAE 4246
About Cranes


Cranes are used for various purposes and in various industries. They are used to lift heavy objects and for this purpose, they find a place in the shipping industries where they are used extensively to load and unload cargo from ships. They are also used extensively in the construction industry. Crane manufacturers in Dubai focus on manufacturing cranes that are used for a variety of purposes. A truck mounted crane is ideal crane that can be used in many locations. A crane is a machine specifically designed to lift heavy weights. The invention of the crane has made it possible to easily lift and move objects that are heavy and impossible to move. Cranes are used in harbors to load and unload containers from ships.

Cranes are also used in the construction of tall structures, to carry machinery and building materials to the top of the buildings. The following are a few kinds of cranes that are extensively used in various industries: mobile cranes, telescopic cranes and tower cranes, truck mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, loader cranes and overhead cranes. Mobile cranes are cranes that are mounted on a truck, rail or vehicle. It consists of a crane boom that can be extended or lowered and which is connected at the base to the truck. A telescopic crane consists of a boom that is made up of tubes that are fitted into each other. These tubes can be extended or retracted with the help of a hydraulic mechanism. A tower crane lifts loads with the help of a balancing mechanism.

Tower cranes are mainly used at construction sites in the construction of tall structures. A rough terrain crane is a crane mounted on a vehicle that is used for off-road operations. A loader crane is used load equipment onto a trailer and is also hydraulically powered. Overhead cranes are cranes that are used in a factory and are fitted to a trolley. When the trolley moves the cranes that are suspended from the trolleys carries the goods along the fixed path of the trolley. In UAE cranes are used extensively in the construction sector. New industrial area in Umm Ul Quwain, Downtown, Dubai and Umm Al Naar in Abu Dhabi are the most prominent locations in UAE where companies that manufacture and provide cranes and maintenance services for cranes are situated.

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