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Nautilus Head Protection

NAUTILUS®, NTLS®, 4SITE®, STURDY®, STDY®, ROCKTM and TOROTM Brand Work wear and Safety Apparel put safety first because we understand that there is no such thing as being “too safe. While designing safety wear products, the Nautilus group understands the discomfort and limitation of freedom of movement. Considering such restrictions our products are designed with a focus on wearer comfort in both, static and dynamic modes.

  • The design features a strong mid comb with 'bean curd' design vents on the sides for ventilation in hot climates.
  • The design facilitates the use of face shields and sound attenuation devices (ear muffs) in ready made slots. 
  • The suspension is adjustable for the user to adjust the height and fit. 
  • Model 902R is fitted with a ratchet suspension wheel of very superior design which alleviates the removal of the helmet for adjustment high density impact resistant ABS cap. 
  • Conforms to EN 397 : 1995 + A1 : 2000, ANSI Z89.1 - 2009, AS/NS 1801 : 1997.

 • Economic, Handy welding helmet 

 • PP shell, handle outside

 • Fixed window, size : 2 inch x 4¼ inch

 • Lens excluded

 • Conforms to CE EN 175 and Z87.1.

• Clip - Cap welding helmet, lift up front window, size : 2 inch x 4¼ inch (safety helmet not inclusive)

• Easy assemble with helmet. 

• Connector attached. 

• Conforms to CE EN175 and ANSI Z87.1 

• Color : Black.

• Working bump cap 

• Insert with high quality plastic shell provide good protection, additional soft EVA pad has shock absorb function. 

• Logo printing and embroidery are available as optional. 

• Conforms to CE EN812.1997 

• Standard Color : White, Red, Blue, Yellow