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Safety Equipment And Clothing in UAE

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Choose the best safety equipment and clothing supplies from the list of suppliers. They provide safety equipment and clothing of unbeatable quality, comfort and advanced technology. From high-visibility clothing and protective footwear to helmets, gloves, eyewear, and more, they have everything to create a comprehensive safety program. Contact today to experience the difference.

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Opp Zulekha Hospital, Al Qusais Indl Area 1Dubai, UAE 111784
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Caterpillar Rd, Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 239189
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Shop 8, Nakheel Plaza, Nakheel Rd, DeiraDubai, UAE 378808

About Safety Equipment and Clothing

Safety Equipment And Clothing

Safety Equipment and clothing refer to protective gear and accessories used in industries, fire and rescue and other high-risk operations. Personal Protective equipment also known as safety equipment and clothing refers to clothing and accessories like goggles, gloves, shoes, helmets, and other protective equipment like safety harnesses, shields, masks and fire extinguishers. Both safety equipment and clothing are designed to protect workers at the workplace, or while carrying out various operations in high-risk or hazardous environments. The many types of special safety clothing or protective equipment that address various hazards like chemicals, heat, airborne particulate matter, electricity, biohazards and physical occupational hazards.

Protective equipment or protective gear can either be related to occupational safety or other recreational applications like sports. Occupational safety equipment create a barrier between the worker or user of the equipment and his surroundings. The best places to find quality safety equipment and clothing in the UAE are SAIF Zone in Sharjah, Mussafah M37 in Abu Dhabi, and the Al Nakheel Area and Airport Road in Ras Al Khaimah. Safety equipment can be classified into safety gear, safety clothing, protective equipment and fire equipment.

Personal Protective equipment includes eye protection, hearing protection, skin protection, respiratory protection, foot protection, hand protection, head protection and protective gear for working from heights. These include products like goggles, ear muffs, harnesses, clamps, fall-arrest devices, air lines, gas masks, helmets, hard hats, industrial boots, gloves, coveralls, and protective skin creams. Some other types of equipment include special safety clothing for working with chemicals, disposable clothing, lead aprons for protection from x-rays, leather jackets, leather pants, thermal clothing, and so on.

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