Fujairah in UAE City Guide

Fujairah, which is the fifth largest Emirate, has developed attractions that make most of the nation’s heritage, traditional crafts and buildings. A number of beachside resorts have established together with modern pursuits such as diving, sailing, sport fishing, kayaking, climbing and hiking. There is also greater productivity from farms owing to the Al Hajjar Mountains that run through the emirate, which brings higher levels of rain than elsewhere in the country. Local industries include cement, stone crushing and mining. In order to encourage business to establish offices in Fujairah, a flourishing free zone has recently been deep-rooted.

As one of the world’s top oil-bunkering ports and with more than 40 tankers passing through the Fujairah port daily, there is easy access to international shipping routes. By virtue of its strategic location on the east coast, it is also an important port for the world’s largest livestock shipping companies and for container liners.

Fujairah has a well-developed tourism market, using its position as the only emirate wholly on the east coast and the addition of a new regional airline due to launch in the first quarter of 2012 should increase the number of tourists since tourism is a large-scale contributor to GDP.