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Free Zone Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

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About Free Zone Business Setup

A free zone business setup is one of the most preferred types of business setup in the UAE. Many companies offer a wide range of business setup services in the UAE to assist businessmen through all legal procedures involved in establishing a business in Abu Dhabi. Some companies also provide an additional recruitment service to help business in screening and recruiting staff and managers for your company. They ensure that your company complies with the legal standards set by the Gulf corporation counsel. They obtain different business licenses prior to setting up the company and assign a unique brand name. Free zone business setup service providers offer advice to business owners and help them choose the best corporate structure which yields profits. They draft documents to assemble files manage submissions, notarizations and legislation. They also help with the processing of visa, work permits and establish partnerships with other professionals in the same field.

Companies which provide free zone business setup services seek approval from the free zone department of the UAE. Ministries, department of planning and civil defence. They help business owners set up company bank accounts and administer the initial process. By setting up a free zone company in Abu Dhabi you can enjoy a lot of benefits. A free zone company will entitle you 100 % ownership of the company, maintain a secret environment and enable you to liquidate at any given point in time. They are not taxable, allow you to conduct international trade and own a property in the Gulf region.

Before setting up a free zone company a business owner needs to obtain a valid license which is issued by the Gulf corporation counsel. This license entitles you to conduct both national and international trade operations. The council provides four different trade licenses which include trade license, industrial license, service license and national industrial license. A trade license entitles companies inside the UAE to conduct import and export operations on a large scale. An Industrial license legally incorporates production and supply of services outside the UAE and also within the trade zone. If you obtain this license you get an approval from the economic department. A service license will entitle you to perform banking operations and establish contracts which comply with the rules set by the governing body. A national industrial licence will grant manufacturers the right to distribute products in the UAE.

Free zone business setup service companies guide industrial owners and investors through all formal procedures involved in setting up a company and initiating proprietorship. They appoint business consultants and advocates to guide clients through the process of company registration, provide investment advice, trademark authentication, VAT registration and other activities. They assist investors in searching for a suitable location to set up the company, they understand client requirements. They guide foreign investors through the immigration process, customs clearance and goods verification. Some business setup service providers appoint business consultants, charted accountants, security personnel and customer relationship managers to enhance productivity. Some popular locations to find companies which provide free zone business setup services in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah Industrial area, Tourist Club area, ICAD, Electra Street and Airport road.