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Maid Service in Abu Dhabi

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About Maid Service

Maid Service

Maid service or cleaning service companies hire skilled janitors, and maids who provide services to customers on a contract basis. They can be hired in a weekly, daily, bi-monthly basis. In the modern world people do not have time to spend for cleaning, washing utensils, laundry and other housekeeping activities. People can make use of agencies that provide services like cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, polishing furniture, washing and wiping glass doors and windows etc. Maids perform other household chores such as laundry, taking care of pets, grocery shopping, taking care of the elderly, Babysitting etc.

Agencies provide many services to the clients which come as an overall package. This package includes certain cleaning services; clients can add or remove services from the package related to their requirements. Some packages are specific and are focused to one specific aspect for e.g. A kitchen cleaning package will include operations such as cleaning gas stoves, modular kitchens, microwaves refrigerators and so on. Maids make use of suitable cleaning equipments which make work easier and faster, they use vacuum cleaners, machine operated manual sweepers, and multipurpose cleaning equipment. Cleaning cabinets, organizing space, refrigerator cleaning, and carpet cleaning are some of the additional services offered by housemaids.

Some agencies provide special services related to organizing materials. Some common services include organizing kitchen equipment, re arranging bathroom items, sorting and organizing cupboards, closets, packing, unpacking and moving materials. Other services include aquarium water recycling, garage setups, discarding unwanted or unused items and other similar jobs. Maid services are not limited to only domestic household, corporate companies, business firms, hospitals can make use of them. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies providing maid services in Abu Dhabi are Bin Al Hayali, and Khalidiya.

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