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Safe Box in Abu Dhabi

Bhnd RAK Bank, TCAAbu Dhabi46404


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About Safe Box

Safe Box

Safes are manufactured for the safe storage of valuables and are used for personal and commercial purposes. A Safe box is classified into two types, on the purpose for which it is designed and the location in which they are installed. Some of the common types of safes are fire safes, waterproof safes, gun safes, burglary safes and commercial safes. Fire resistant safes are used to protect documents, data, cash and other valuables. These safes are built to withstand fire for about an hour. Water resistant safes are ideal for protecting valuables from water damage. Gun and burglary safes are built with features that provide heavy-duty security. Commercial safes are built for business purposes such as a drop box or a deposit box and can also be used to store cash and documents.

Safes such as standalone safes, floor safes and wall safes are the kinds of safes that are built for installation in particular locations. A standalone safe is built with a key, a combination dial or an electronic keypad. These safes can be placed anywhere. Floor safes are usually installed in a concrete floor and can be concealed thereby providing protection from burglars. Wall safes are safes that can be concealed in walls. SAIF zone in Sharjah, Deira in Dubai, and Delma street in Abu Dhabi are the most prominent locations in UAE to find manufacturers of safe box in UAE.

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