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About Security Solutions

Security solutions have become a need rather than a want in today’s crime prevalent world. Organizations which provide security solutions train and recruit security guards who are than employed to protect the clients assets. Security guards are trained to work under pressure, deal with high risk situations and prevent damage to property. Some popular services provided by companies which provide security solutions are video surveillance integration, access control integration, network IP integration, alarm monitoring integration, fire detection integration and fire suppression integration. Some organizations also provide free installation of security solutions and periodic maintenance.

Security solutions include the installation of access control systems. Some commonly used access control systems are bio-metric scanner, CCTV installation, fire detection systems, fire alarm system and peripheral access control devices. Security solutions also include digital video management system, video recorders, surveillance cameras, advanced analytic system, network security system etc. Organizations provide security solutions to IT companies to secure their server and systems for secure access. Some examples of network and IT based security solutions are installing antivirus software, setting up antimalware solution, physical access control system, cloud based access control system and smart phone access control system. Some basic access control systems used in offices are access cards authenticated doors, card readers, access control keypads, voice recognition system, electrical lock hardware, access control field panel and access control server computer.

Security solutions for hotels, banks and hospitals are CCTV surveillance system, motion detectors, portable metal detectors, baggage detectors, explosive detectors etc. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide security solutions in Abu Dhabi are Al Salam Street, Tourist club area, Khalidiya, Musaffah, Airport road, Salam street, old passport road, Al Falah Street, Khalifa street, Electra street, Hamdan road and Mussafah Industrial area.

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