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Cctv in Abu Dhabi

Gulf Stream InfoTech is UAE’s leading authorized distributor for IT products and security components. As an IT distributor we always want the customers to provide an end to end solutions in all challenging situations.

Behind Royal Rose Hotel, Electra StreetAbu Dhabi105927
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Behind Royal Rose Hotel, Electra StreetAbu Dhabi105927
15, Floor 5, Noora Majid Al Futtaim Bldg, TC AreaAbu Dhabi33609
Office No:1204-15, 12th Floor, Al Ghaith Tower, Hamdan StreetAbu Dhabi751469
8, Plot 35, Block 3, Mussafah Ind Area 39Abu Dhabi8275
Mashreq Bank Bldg, Electra StAbu Dhabi112544
Products & Services : Cctv Surveillance Systems, IT Security
Commercial Building Plot-18, Mussaffah-37Abu Dhabi107728
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Shabia 10, MussafahAbu Dhabi
32, RAK Bank Bldg, KhalidiyaAbu Dhabi46750
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About Cctv

CCTV system is a closed circuit television system that does not transmit signals publicly, these systems are used for surveillance and security purposes only. It transmits signals from point to point or multipoint to point. CCVT depends on the strategic placement of cameras and the observation of camera's input in a different location. CCTV cameras communicate with monitors and video recorders through coaxial cables or wireless communication links. Older CCTV systems were equipped with small low resolution black and white monitors and poor transmission whereas modern CCTV systems capture video at high-resolution displays and include the ability to zoom to a particular point and autofocus a person or thing.

CCTV is used for a variety of purposes which include maintaining perimeter securities, high-security areas, observing behaviour, monitoring traffic etc. They are also used to oversee locations which are prone to accidents such as nuclear power plants, toxic environments, lignite mines, building grounds etc. CCTV systems are installed in banks, law enforcement, traffic observations, high crime neighbourhood, jewellery shops, airports and other commercial and industrial areas. It helps monitor traffic on a bridge, records the insides of a baking oven to inspect the oven accordingly to detect any cause of a problem. It also acts as a temporary system to carry out a traffic survey in a town, city or province. It is used in a stage to show obstructed parts of a play. Closed circuit television systems can be set up in different areas due to their robust build quality. They are used to record events at zoos and reproduce the infrared vision of a goldfish. You can also perform aerial photography from hot air balloons and production control in factories. Closed circuit cameras comprise an integral lens with a focus adjustment and iris adjustment; it also consists of a mains lead and a BNC plug if required.

CCTV cameras are classified according to their function, there are thee types of cameras which are fixed, PTZ and 360 degrees. They are also classified according to their housing such as outdoor CCTV camera, Dome CCTV camera, Bullet CCTV camera and Discreet CCTV camera. Installing a CCTV system for your home or workplaces reduces the probability of criminal activity, reduces the cost of insurance and provides peace of mind. A closed-circuit television monitor needs to be reproduced at the control position and is the same as a virtual television with the exception that it does not have turning circuits. It comes with brightness and contrast controls, a mains cable and an on-off switch. A simple CCTV system comprises of a camera which is mounted on a bracket and connected to the monitor with a coaxial cable. Since it is a single circuit television which transmits signals through a single circuit network. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who sell CCTV monitors and install CCTV cameras in Abu Dhabi are Khalidiya, Tourist club area, downtown Abu Dhabi, Airport Road, Tourist Club area, ICAD Electra Street and Musaffah Industrial area.