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Smart Helmet in UAE

Helmets continue to remain as the essential element for motorbike riders. Now even the simple and the regular use helmets are equipped with multiple options like an inbuilt headset, noise control with the help of Bluetooth. Noise control, voice commands, group audio, conference and music sharing are some of the smart options available with helmets. Apart from keeping the rider safe, helmets also have smart integrated options like detecting the temperature of an individual in mass gathering using a thermal scanner. Many of the motorists like to enjoy music while riding. Smart helmets have sound systems, side buttons and mic connected to the smartphone devices wirelessly.

Dubai police have now started to integrate smart helmets in their lifestyle during this pandemic situation. Enterprise mobility has designed and developed high-end precision temperature measurement to screen for fever during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Smart helmets help to measure and record contactless temperature without the awareness of the person. They perform rapid screening in both indoor and outdoor situations. Smart helmets are built with a camera that can rapidly recognise the face and identify verification. They can also store information about the people and update their temperature daily.

Recording the temperature of an individual through thermal scanning is one of the most important features of the safety helmet. During the thermal scan, the maximum temperature of every part of the body is displayed in the AR module. The temperature that is above the normal range will give an alarm and trigger sound. The temperature of the forehead, neck, collar arm and other parts of the body that is exposed to the thermal scanner is measured. Hospitals, office buildings, checkpoints, central business districts are the most commonly used locations to screen the people with high temperature. Contact the listed smart helmet dealers and suppliers in UAE.

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