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Air Coolers in UAE

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About Air Coolers

Air coolers are a simple and cost-effective solution to cool indoor spaces. They are compact in design, easy to maintain and easy to operate. They are also known as evaporative coolers and unlike air conditioners, they are portable and are easy to install. They occupy less space, are easy to clean and are relatively inexpensive. They consume relatively less electricity as compared to traditional air conditioners. They add moisture to air under dry climatic conditions to prevent fabrics and furniture from drying out. Air coolers do not require an outdoor unit to function and they need to be mounted on walls. They are best suited for dry climatic conditions to counter high humidity levels. Evaporative coolers are designed to cool the room by adding moisture whereas air conditioners condense the existing air and provide moisture. However evaporative coolers consume 75% less electricity than air conditioners.

Air coolers are also known as swamp coolers; they cool outdoor air by passing it over well-saturated pads by causing the water to evaporate into it. By using this system the whole room cools down as warm air is pushed out by the cool air. When you operate an air cooler you need to open the windows partially to allow cold air to escape. Swamp coolers are the best solution to keep your house cool during hot summers without affecting the environment. They do not emit harmful CF carbons or greenhouse gasses which harm the environment. They work effectively when fresh air is available and do not require airtight spaces to operate. It does not affect your health as reduces dry air symptoms like sore throat, itchy eyes or skin infections. Air coolers require water to function as they condense and evaporate the water through air vents. Portable swamp coolers are slightly different from window mounted swamp coolers. Evaporator coolers work best if you add cool water but however, they can work fine if the water is at room temperature. Some popular air coolers are indoor evaporative cooler, wide mouth evaporative cooler, commercial swamp cooler, mini air cooler and outdoor air cooler. They are used in both commercial establishments and households. Two-stage evaporative coolers are modern and efficient in design. They come with integrally designed evaporation pads and efficient motors. They are well suited in areas which contain a humidity rate of over 100degree Fahrenheit. Some popular locations to get in touch with air cooler retailers in the UAE are warehouse AD, Jebel Ali Free zone Jebel Ali.