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Ppe in Ajman

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About Ppe


Personal Protective Equipment is used to protect workers from dangers in the course of work. These pieces of equipment, also known as PPE include protective gear, clothing and apparatuses. Different types of work require protective equipment suitable to protect workers from dangers that are prominent in that line of work. Chemical, biological, safety and fire hazards are the most prevalent work related dangers today. PPE is generally classified based on the type of protection they provide, or the areas they protect. These include protective head gear and helmets, goggles, gloves, aprons, coveralls, and a whole lot more.

Protective head and face gear includes products like safety helmets, hardhats, face shields, welding masks and chemical safety goggles. These pieces of equipment are used in many industries and in various processes. Protective head gear are must-haves in the construction, chemical, water treatment, fabrication, and several other industries. Work around airborne hazardous particles would require special gear like respirators and air refining masks. Hand protection includes gloves of all types used in construction, surgical and material handling processes. These include work gloves and special gloves that are resistant to chemicals, fire, penetration, pressure and heat. Protective clothing can include coveralls, aprons, chemical suits, and visibility or safety vests. PPE also includes products like safety harnesses, support gear, hearing protection, and a range of safety shoes.

The market for personalprotective equipment in UAE is constantly changing, and highly competitive. These products are required to meet high HSE standards, satisfying the needs of various sectors. The SAIF Zone in Sharjah, as well as other accessible areas in the other Emirates are the best places to find suppliers of world-class PPE in UAE. Some of the most renowned suppliers of protective and safety equipment are listed on our website, with all the details you need to get in touch with them.

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