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Bitzer compressors are the well known and best in class compressors that are available in the market. They provide effective and efficient solutions for all the business applications. The challenges faced in the refrigeration and the air conditioning industry are sorted by the fine quality Bitzer compressors. Their scope of compressors are wide and are applicabe in almost all the industry. Air conditioning and cooling process are used by every other commercial business and Bitzer compressors provide the optimum solution for the needs. Transportation of goods and container goods are protected by the reliable Bitzer compressors. Cold storage that stores dairy products, vegetables and fruits requires constant optimum temperature between 0 to 7 degree celcius. Super markets that stores frozen foods are operated using low temperature compressors that helps to maintain loe temperature to improve the shelf life of the product. Bitzer compressors has high cooling capacity inbuilt with second generation 2-stage compressors. Their cooling capacity ranges from zero to 25 kilowatt. Bitzer compressors are used in IT firms to hold their servers at ideal temperature to work efficiently. Cutting tools using laser machine also require compressors to maintain optimum temperature. Listed above are the authorised Bitzer compressor dealers in UAE. Get in touch to recie instant quotes on the compressors that fulfils your business needs.

Bitzer compressors in UAE are highly reliable with highest quality, efficiency and reliability. Bitzer is the only renowned company that is known for its three primary types of compressors namely screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and scroll compressors. With its continuous creative ideas and innovative solutions Bitzer is now driving the entire refrigeration and compressor industry. Reciprocating compressors are highly reliable as it produces maximum cooling with very minimal energy requirement. They are suitable for HFO and low GWP refrigerant. All of their compressors are eco-friendly and has high load efficiency.