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Copyright Registration in UAE

About Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Copyrights is the authorized legal rights given mainly to the owners who own the business. It gives complete protection and rights for the business or creative work developed by an individual without whose permission none can claim the work. Copyrights owner of a particular business has all the rights over selling, leasing or licensing the business to any third party. Copyrights are generally given to work that are creative like novels, books, entertainment, engineering, technical, software etc. Copyrights for the intellectual property do not require any registration process. Therefore, it does not involve any monetary fee to be paid in order to register. Whereas in order to provide right or license the product a legal terms and usage conditions need to be documented legally. A perfect contract before the license would minimize the problem of copyright infringement in the future. In UAE, Federal Law No 7 was passed in the year 2002 which gives copyright protection and rights to the authors. This law is passed in order to protect the creative work of an individual. It defines the right of publication and writing the work in the name of the author. Above listed are some of the top copyright registration companies in United Arab Emirates.