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New Indl Area, Al HamraRas Al Khaimah, UAE 6674
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About Curtain Wall Suppliers

Curtain Wall Suppliers

Curtain wall encloses the space within a building that does not support the structural load of the building but used to accomplish other need of the building i.e, Glass cladded building would allow better penetration of sunlight into the building, interior and exterior designing/decorating the building structure with classic and traditional designs, etc. The Curtain walls are not part of structural design of the building. The development of structural steel and its widespread use globally and later strengthened concrete which allowed relatively small columns to support large loads & the exterior walls of buildings were no longer necessary for structural support of the building.

Curtain walls don't bear the structural loads of the building structure. They only have to carry their own dead load weight and also have to manage fewer concerns compared to the conventional walls such as dead load, wind load, seismic load, snow load, thermal load, blast load, air infiltration, water penetration, deflection, strength and thermal criteria. This facilitated architects to build structures with exterior facades using glass, wood and metal panels. A curtain wall is usually an aluminum-framed wall, containing infills such as glass, Fabric veneer, Stone veneer, Panels, Louvers, Windows and vents. Regardless of the material, infills are referred to as glazing.

Glass is the most common glazing material used in curtain walls. High thickness glass cladding is used in building structures where high thermal or humidity is required. You could use transparent glass for transparent vision, translucent for aesthetic purposes or opaque glasses for privacy to your building as per your need. Fabrics have lower density compared to glass or stone, they are easy to install and much easier to make changes later on. Metal panels could take various forms and could provide enormous number of looks to the building. They provide the building with better insulation as well. Louvers provide the building structure with better options to ventilation and open few windows and vents when needed. The popular places to look for the curtain wall supplier in UAE are Business Bay Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Mussafah Abu Dhabi.