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About Doors

Doors have become a need rather than a want in today’s world, they come in various designs and woodworks. They can be designed to suit the architecture of your building. Some popular designed doors are the half door, stable door, saloon gate, blind door, French door, louvred, composite, steel security door and flush door. Other designs include moulded door, ledge door, brace door, wicket door, bifold door, sliding glass door and Australian door. Doors are classified on the basis of their design, mechanism and material used.

Most doors are equipped with hinges on one side for easier opening and closing. For example, a swing door comes with special double-acting hinges allowing it to be opened both inward and outward. Self-bolting doors are designed with special hinges which permit the panel leaf to move laterally thereby making the door act as a giant bolt. French doors comprise of a moulded panel present at the bottom making it look unique in design. Other examples include mead door, Dutch door and garden door. Sliding doors are designed with slide along tracks which offer more space for additional furniture. Bypass doors are built to slide in either direction along an axis as they are mounted on parallel overhead tracks which slide past one another. They are also known as pocket doors and are widely used in house entrances, backyard entrances, commercial structures etc. A rotating door or revolving door comes with four wings which are pivoted to the ground from a centre shaft. The four wings form four compartments which rotate in a vertical axis. These doors allow people to pass in both directions. Revolving doors help in maintaining the inside temperature as they are bordered with a rubber seal making it airtight. Pivot doors come with two equal openings which allow two users to pass through simultaneously.

High-speed doors are used in production logistics in maintaining optimum temperature and pressure. They are mainly used in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and laboratories. Doors which are classified on the basis of their placement are battened and ledged door, battened, ledged and braced door, battened, ledged and framed door, battened, ledged, braced and framed door. The ones which are classified by the method of construction are framed door, panelled door, glazed door, flush door, louvred door and wire gauged door. Doors which are classified on the basis of working operations are revolving door, sliding door, swinging door and rolling steel shutter door. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who sell doors in the UAE are Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Al Quoz industrial area, Al Aweer, Ras Al Khor industrial area, Electra Street, Airport Road Abu Dhabi, Silicon Oasis, Rolla, SAIF zone, Industrial Area 13 Sharjah, Hamriya Free zone and Salam Street.

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