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Cleaning Machinery and Equipment
About Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is designed to make cleaning tasks easier and less time-consuming. Cleaning equipment suppliers deal with distributing equipment such as brooms, dustpans, vacuum cleaners, water hoses, buckets, cobwebber, sponge, dishcloth and cleaning cloth. Some commonly used cleaning solutions include cleaning detergent, liquid detergent, cleaning acid, antibacterial solution, antimicrobial solution, baking soda, and pest repellent cleaning solution. Cleaning equipment makes it easier to perform tough cleaning tasks. They are designed to reach hard to clean areas such as constricted spaces, high walls, vents and ducts. They are easy to operate and protect operators from injuries. Cleaning equipment is classified as manual cleaning equipment and electric cleaning equipment. Manual cleaning equipment includes abrasives, brushes, housekeeping trolley, garbage cans, dusting clothes, dust pans, janitor’s trolley, mops, scarifying machine and spray bottles. Abrasives are used to polish metal or wooden surfaces; they are grit stones or papers. Cleaning equipment retailers supply different grit papers or sandpapers which you can choose according to your requirement. There are two types of cleaning brushes which are handheld flat brush and non-slip handle brush. The handheld flat brush is made up of bristles that are used to dust off dirt. The non-stiff handle brush comes with a stiff scratch free bristle which is ideal for eliminating stubborn dust.

Housekeeping trolleys are designed to accommodate guest room and bathroom supplies in a well-organized manner. A janitor’s trolley is used to store cleaning supplies such as detergents, spray bottles, dustbins, mops and dusting cloths. Cleaning equipment suppliers sell different types of mops such a string mops, flat mops and synthetic mops. Mops are made up of flat cotton strings or heavy-duty sponges that are fixed to a metal frame. Cotton mops are known for their high absorbing ability and are used to clean areas with high moisture content. Synthetic mops are used to clean dust and hard to reach areas; they can also be used to remove cobwebs. A mop wringer trolley is also known as a mop bucket cart which is attached to caster wheels. This trolley allows cleaners to wring a wet mop easily without having to touch it. A scarifying machine is used to clean gardens golf courts and lawns as they are designed to remove moss and dead grass. Some important electric cleaning equipment is box sweeper, vacuum cleaner, polishing machine, scrubber and vapour cleaning machine.

Some other examples of cleaning equipment are hard floor cleaner, carpet cleaning brush, high-level cleaning equipment and vertical surface cleaning equipment. Hard brooms are designed with hard bristles that are evenly spaced. They are best used to remove dirt and debris using a water detergent. Soft brooms come with soft flexible bristles that are set tightly. They are effective in removing impacted dirt and sweeping indoor areas. They come in a wide range of colours and are colour coded to clean regimes. Desk scrubs and brooms are used to remove stubborn stains and dirt from hard surfaces. Scrubbers come with attached handles which provide better grip to remove dirt and soil from all types of surfaces.

Cleaning equipment suppliers sell detail brush which are pipe cleaning brush, bottle brush, suede brush and suede brush. Detail brushes are widely used in kitchen applications as they provide an effective solution to get rid of stubborn stains. Dust control mops or dry mops can terminate fine dust particles. Another type of broom is the single dust sleeve which is a hardwearing sleeve which is made up of nylon or polyester which holds cotton or synthetic fibre. They are designed using a metal or wooden handle as a frame with an attached dust mop handle which is connected using a swivel joint. The single dust sleeves are attached to a handle using a swivel joint thereby allowing the broom to be manoeuvred easily. V sweepers are mops that are constructed using a scissor frame with a handle for better control. They are considered to be one of the most efficient brooms due to their robust design. They are best used to clean larger surface areas such as assembly halls and gymnasia. Due to their robust design, they can cover a wide span of two meters. The V sweepers or scissor sweepers trap dirt and debris amongst the fibres of the heads and contain them securely. Static mops are constructed using synthetic fibre bristles which attract dust as they are moved along the surface. Disposable mops are made up of a non-woven cloth which is attached to a plastic material which is impregnated with a solution which attracts dust.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most important cleaning equipment used in both commercial and corporate applications. They are handy to use portable, easy to maintain and easy to clean. The

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