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Mammography in Dubai

Level 2, Hamsah Commercial Complex, Khalid Bin Al Waleed RoadDubai6619

About Mammography

Mammography is used to visualize abnormalities in the breast tissues. Basically it is similar to the x-ray, but image of the tissues are produced on X-ray film. In contrast Digital Mammography uses an electronic medium to produce picture of the breast tissues. With digital mammography you can be sent the x-ray picture to the doctor as immediately as it was taken, through email or over internet. It is similar as that of normal digital camera.

Mammogram x-rays is the best method for detecting breast cancer at the early stage. It will help doctor to identifies various anomalies such as cysts, tumors, cancer and calcification. Diagnostic mammography which involve a little more dose of radiation for a through examination of the breasts.

Dubai has lot of efficient laboratories providing Mammography and related service that are effective for identifying breast cancer. They provide better results helping doctor to find the abnormalities and cure it at the earliest

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