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Textile Dyeing in Dubai

Near Sabkha Bus Stn, DeiraDubai42973

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Textile Dyeing
About Textile Dyeing

Textile dyeing in Dubai is done by using specific chemicals and solutions. Textile dyeing refers to colouring of fibres, yarns and fabrics. Time control and temperature are the two important factors that need to be taken care of while dyeing textile products. Dyes used for colouring textiles are of two types, natural and man-made or synthetic dyes. Companies involved in the business of textile dyeing use a wide range of artificial dyes. The cloth fabric being worked on determines the type of dye that is to be used for optimum result. Acrylic fibres need basic dyes, nylon fibres are dyed with acid dyes, while polyester yarn requires disperse dyes. Cotton can be dyed using vat dyes, modern synthetic reactive and direct dyes.

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