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Earthing And Lighting Protection Equipment in UAE

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About Earthing And Lighting Protection Equipment

Earthing And Lighting Protection Equipment

Earthing is the connection of metallic parts of electric machinery and devices to an earth electrode, which is buried in moist earth through a thick conductor wire. This is done for safety purposes as earthing divert the flow of electricity from faulty connections to the earth, thereby preventing electrical shocks. The prime purpose of earthing is to prevent the dangers of electrocution, to make sure the potential of carrying electricity of the carrying conductor does not rise beyond the desired limit and to avoid fires due to leakage of electricity. An earthing system comprises of the following components: an earth continuity conductor, earthing lead, earth electrode.

An earth wire or earth continuity conductor is a part of the earthing system which interconnects all the metallic parts of the electrical installation. The earth wire interconnects conduit, ducts, metallic sheets of the switches distribution boards, fuses, and parts of electric machines like motors, generators, transformers and the metallic framework of the of electrical devices. The earth wire is then connected to an earthing lead which is a wire that connects the earth wire to the earth electrode. An earthing electrode or earth plate is the part of the earthing equipment which buried in the earth. The earth plate may be a metallic plate, pipe or rod which carries the faulty current towards the ground. Al Qusais in Dubai, Mussafah in Abu Dhabi and SAIF zone in Sharjah are the most popular locations in UAE to find companies that manufacture and supply earthing and lighting protection equipment.