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Electric Earthing Equipment in UAE

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Products & Services : Electric Earthing Equipment
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Products & Services : Electric Earthing Equipment

About Electric Earthing Equipment

Electric Earthing Equipment

Electric earthing equipment refers to an earthing system which includes an earth continuity conductor, an earthing lead and an earth electrode. An earth wire or earth continuity conductor is a part of the earthing system which interconnects all the metallic parts of the electrical installation. The earth wire interconnects conduit, ducts, metallic sheets of the switches distribution boards, fuses, and parts of electric machines like motors, generators, transformers and the metallic framework of the of electrical devices. The earth wire is then connected to an earthing lead which is a wire that connects the earth wire to the earth electrode. An earthing electrode or earth plate is the part of the earthing equipment which buried in the earth. The earth plate may be a metallic plate, pipe or rod which carries the faulty current towards the ground.

Electric earthing equipment is used to stabilize the flow of electricity. With electricity being used to run majority of the devices, the flow of electricity over multiple devices can cause loose ends at times. These loose ends are ways in which electricity spread through metals and other materials present around. This flow of electricity can be very dangerous and can even electrocute people who come in contact with it. The earthing equipment is used to redirect the electricity into the ground where it can be neutralized and not cause any harm. The earthing equipment is the mediator that transports the flow of electricity into the ground. Some of the popular locations in UAE to purchase electric earthing equipment is Mussafah in abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali and Nasr square in Deira, Dubai.

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