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Fireproofing Contractors in UAE

About Fireproofing Contractors

Fireproofing Contractors

Fireproofing techniques are basically fire-resisting or fire-preventing aids to building structures. In these techniques, many incombustible materials are used as a fire protection measure. There are many fire-resisting systems that are designed for certain building structures and are installed by the fireproofing contractors.

The fireproofing system designers must apply for certification after the initial self-test and would obtain a fire-resistance rating for their system. In The UAE, the designers & contractors of fireproofing systems must comply by the UAE Fire & Life safety code of practice directed by the Local Civil Defense Rules & Regulations.

The potential market for fireproofing contractors are Commercial constructions, Residential constructions, Industrial constructions, Marine (ships), Offshore constructions, Aerodynamic projects, Tunnel concrete walls and ceilings or linings, And Under & above ground mining operations. One of the geniuses of early fireproofing system is fireproof vaults, which uses concrete blocks as primary building material and a sort of chemical-bond water is incorporated within the concrete. When the fire breaks out, the chemically-bond water fills within the vault in form of steam which soaks the paper documents and prevents in from burning. Similar concept is used in HVAC piping for fire safety in buildings.

There are many certified and approved establishments in UAE that provide fireproofing solutions to your building structure. They comply by the UAE Fire & Life safety code of practice and provide you with an extensive range of fireproofing solutions as per your need. There are many such contractors who employ trained & skilled engineers who carry out the installation of fireproofing systems in the project site. The popular locations to find fireproofing contractors in UAE are Salam St Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Business Bay Dubai, Khalidiya Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Musaffah Area Abu Dhabi and Buteena Sharjah.