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Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers in UAE

Image for  Universal Fire Fighting System and Services LLC – Sole Proprietorship
Plot No. 16, Mussafah M - 32Abu Dhabi, UAE 113112
Image for  Taurus Group
Block 1, D 153, M 33, Sanaya Road, MusaffahAbu Dhabi, UAE 778380
M 2, Gemini Trdg Bldg, Near Bridgestone Tyre Co, Salam StAbu Dhabi, UAE 3387
Near Emarat Petrol Station, 4th I/Change, Al Quoz Indl AreaDubai, UAE 36999
Near Barsha Police Station, 4th I/Change, Al QuozDubai, UAE 124675
201, Al Qusais Building 2, Al Qusais 1Dubai, UAE 50016
Next to Hassani Trading, 3rd I/Change, Al Quoz Indl AreaDubai, UAE 74582
Al Qusais Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE
S.8, Amman Street, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 234762
Musaffah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi, UAE 26023
#1205, Mai Tower, Al Nahda 1Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE 215520
Opp GMC, New Indl AreaAjman, UAE 6098

About Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers

Firefighting equipment manufacturers in UAE are companies which deliver the best equipment for fire fighters. These manufacturers are experts in understanding fire and the different chemicals that can reduce its spread. The fire fighting equipment are made keeping in mind the situations and temperature at which the fire fighters will be going through. The equipment has to also be effective enough to do as much as possible within a short time frame. Some of the different fire fighting equipment includes fire extinguisher, automatic distress signal unit, aerial fire apparatus, aerial ladder, air pack, airbag, attack hose, automatic sprinkler, bulk tank, carbon dioxide extinguisher etc.

Fire Fighting Fittings in UAE

Water is the most essential yet cheapest medium to fight against fire. Industries handling flammable liquids and chemicals must keep them equipped with all the fire fighting fittings as the need might occur anytime. Listed here are some of the top fire fighting fittings suppliers, dealers and distributors in the UAE. They deal with major branded fire fighting fittings equipment for commercial and domestic purposes. Every domestic household also requires a fire fighting system to help them protect from accidental fire in the kitchen. Listed dealers supply kitchen hood protection, sprinklers, fire blanket, fire hose etc. To make them work efficiently, fire fighting fitting equipment is the most essential product. Some of them include fire hose coupling, self-priming pipe, quick connect push-in camlock coupling, push-fit fittings, water meter coupling, fire hydrant pump hoses etc.

Fire Fighting Equipment in UAE

Installing fire fighting equipment in domestic and commercial premises is mandated. A reliable fire concealment network and alarm framework is the initial step to safeguarding workers. There are various kinds of fire fighting equipment available in the market. Listed here are the top fire-fighting equipment suppliers operating in UAE. Sprinklers, fire hose cabinets, fire pillar hydrants, beam detectors, fire-alarm systems, alarm bells, alarm control panels, conventional smoke and heat detectors, water mist, foam system and gas fire fighting products are some of the fire fighting equipment supplied by the listed suppliers.

Fire Sprinkler

A fire sprinkler framework is one of the most mind-blowing ways of combatting fire. During the fire flare-up, the sprinkler framework expels water through the sprinkler head. They have a predetermined temperature exceeding that, which enables the sprinkler framework to break out water to suppress the fire. Sprinklers are currently in use all around the world. Branded sprinklers with conventional head types, upright, pendent head, vertical, concealed, and recessed head types are available with the suppliers. After installing the sprinklers, they perform all the tests to ensure that the sprinklers react well during an emergency.

FESCO Concealed sprinkler head with detachable brass cover plate with a temperature rating of 93 degrees Celcius.
Bestopper Upright fire sprinkler head with a dimension of 19*10*15cm, working pressure of 1.2Mpa.
TUNA compact fire sprinkler head with automatic fire sprinkler chrome with frangible bulb type is available at the best price.

Fire Pillar Hydrant Brands and Price in Dubai
Mueller fire hydrants are the most leading and recognized fire hydrants which are easy to operate and maintain. Mueller supplies underground type fire hydrants, dry barrel hydrants, wet barrel hydrants and NF hydrants with superior flow characteristics. A private fire hydrant costs an average of $850 to $1250.

Centrifugal fire pumps with horizontal split case pumps and vertical turbine pump, end suction and multistage multiport pump.
Extinguishing and Suppression systems with flammable liquid storage areas, spray booth, electrical areas and machine parts.
Fire door assemblies with single and double doors, air leakage fire-rated doors and non-temperature rise fire-rated doors.
Flammable liquid tanks with primary and secondary containment tanks.
Foam system and equipment with foam bladder tank, foam monitors, foam proportioner and pre-engineered foam system.
Standpipe systems with breeching inlets and landing valves.
Fire cabinets with hose reel cabinet, hose rack cabinet, water cabinet and extinguisher cabinet.
Fire detection and alarm system equipped with addressable and conventional fire alarm systems and emergency exit lights.
Valves and sprinklers with gas extinguishing control panels, fire protection valves and sprinkler valves.

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