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Flags Printing in UAE

About Flags Printing

Flags Printing

Flag printing is a form of art, it helps you attract customers. Most modern flags are printed using the method of direct eye sublimation printing process. In this method the ink goes through the fabric thereby increasing the definition. There are two types of finishes used in modern flags which are single reverse and double sided. The single reverse flag printing involves the process of printing the fabric on one side and allowing the ink to penetrate through, this causes a mirror image on the back side of the flag. A double sided print is the method of printing two pieces of fabric separately and sewing it together. The single reverse printed flag is the most commonly used as it cost efficient and comparatively reliable.

Flag printing companies deal with printing different types of flags such as beach flags, custom sized flags, banner flags, country flags, shop flags, street flags, screen printed flags, boat flags, facade flags and golf flags. They also print sail flags, L shaped flags, tear drop flags, table flags, conference flags, hand held flags, festival flags advertisement flags, wall mounted flags and hoistings.

Flag printing companies adopt different methods to print flags. Large sized flags are printed using automated silk screen printing machines. Laser fabric printers are used to attach complex designs on fabric. Dye sublimation printing is the used to add a rich color to make the image more graphic. Some popular locations to find companies which provide flag printing services in UAE are Al Quoz 4, France cluster and Russia cluster located at Intl city.

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