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School Uniforms in UAE

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About School Uniforms

School Uniforms

School uniforms are compulsory ‘uniform’ clothing worn by students in schools and educational institutions. The main purpose behind the implementation of school uniforms is to promote discipline and a sense of equality among students. The practice of use of uniform apparel in educational institutions dates back to the 16th century, practiced then in the UK. Today, school uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools around the world and in high schools in some countries like India, UAE, Korea, China and the UK.

School uniforms are not the same thing as ‘dress codes’ that some schools implement as a rule. Dress codes indicate a set of criteria that the apparel of a student should meet, such as restrictions against miniskirts, tube tops, t-shirts and pajamas. Uniforms on the other hand are a common type (or sets) of apparel that form an identity of in institution, indicating that those students belong to or are a part of a particular institution. Government school uniforms in UAE are decided upon and implemented by the UAE’s Ministry of Education. These uniforms are classified for regular use and occasions, and differ with age groups (primary, secondary and high school).

School uniforms in UAE include uniforms for regular use, sports uniforms, uniform kits which include socks and shoes for regular and sports use, and other apparel and accessories. Uniform suppliers deal with all kinds of hospitality, medical, work and school uniforms in UAE. There are several uniform suppliers, and we have some of the biggest names in the uniform industry in the Emirates listed with us. Their services can either be obtained online, through their websites or directly at their showrooms and stores across the emirates. School uniforms is prevailing to be a compulsory concept that is followed in every school to focus more on studies. They act as a medium to avoid any social economic barrier between the students. Listed are the school uniform suppliers and manufacturers in UAE. They offer some of the most affordable uniforms in town. The quality of the uniforms is of high quality and they tend to make the alterations according to the requirements. Get in touch with them to get the uniforms altered, stitched at a very reasonable cost.