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Flexible Packaging in UAE

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About Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging & Plastic Packaging in UAE

Flexible packaging is referring to the pouch or bag made of thin material that when filled and sealed takes a pliable shape. Such yielding materials could be made of polyethylene film, metal foil, or paper sheet. There are several outlets where you can look for flexible packaging materials in UAE. It includes bags, envelopes, pouches, sachets or wraps that acquire a pliable shape after they are filled and sealed. These products find usage in several industries including packaged foods, soft drinks, juices, ice creams, dry foods, and toffees. Besides, they also find wide usage in cosmetics and toiletries industries. Other utility for flexible packaging includes gift wraps, flower wraps and flower cones.

Flexible packaging is the most unique packaging techniques for most of the consumer goods. They are adapted specially for packing the goods in most affordable and involves less cost. These flexible packagings are versatile and can be applied in any commercial, industrial and healthcare products that have a vast array of consumer items. Some of the major pros of flexible packaging are that they are stored easily, they maintain the shelf life of the product especially food products, easily transported, easy to open and reseal, lightweight and most importantly convenient to handle. Flexible packaging demand grows steadily especially for food, beverages, and the pharmaceutical industry. Pouches are one best flexible packaging that is widely adopted by many packaging industries. The rigid container is another special packaging that has a special film like a lid which is easy to snack on. The latest flexible packaging has started concentrating on recyclable packaging products. These are demanded by the owners and the government mainly to reduce the trash generation. Stand up pouches are the fastest growing packaging methods that are adapted in recent times for flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging is applied in various materials and in different styles. Flexible packaging as the name suggests does not follow any specific shape or size. Based on the enclosed product, the packaging is done according. They are the best replacement for shrink films. Some of the flexible packaging products include pouches, seals, liners, packets, standup pouches, and bags. Mostly flexible packaging are done using materials like plastic, paper, foil, film, PVC film, PETG film, shrink films etc. Safety sealing process like neckbands, tamper evident seals, three sided seals, zipper bags are adapted in flexible packaging solutions. Listed here are the leaders in flexible packaging solutions in UAE. No matter how small or big the product is, they offer flexible packaging for any kind of products in the best way possible. Innovative pouches like bags, zip closures, spouts are some of the recent trends in flexible packaging. High-quality films are used without compromising quality. Another industry that has seen the growth for flexible packaging more is the pet product manufacturing sectors. The pet foods are stored in stand up pouches with an attached lid which can be used to store for a longer period of time. Some of the companies that offer flexible packaging in the United Arab Emirates are listed above.