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Heat Shrink Sleeves in UAE - Industry Leading Suppliers UAE

About Heat Shrink Sleeves

Heat Shrink Sleeves in UAE

Heat shrink sleeves in UAE are those heat shrink tubing devices applied in electrical and automobile applications that are designed to insulate, protect, and provide strain relief to cables, wires, and connectors. These heat shrink sleeves are built using materials like PVC, PTFC, FEP, Polyolefin materials which has excellent insulation and mechanical properties, higher flexibility, chemical resistant. Some of the types of heat shrink sleeves provided by heat shrink sleeves suppliers in UAE are Standard Heat Shrink Tubing, Adhesive-lined Heat Shrink Tubing, Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing and more.

Heat Shrink Sleeves Suppliers in UAE

Loyal Elect Ware Trading L.L.C and Eagle Eye Electrical Equipment & Tools Trading are the top leading heat shrink sleeves suppliers in UAE. Heat shrink sleeves are used for various applications like for pipelines, electrical insulation for splices and terminations, strain relief, repair and maintenance and more.

Heat Shrink Sleeves for Pipelines

Heat shrink sleeves play a vital role in pipeline industries as they provide corrosion protection and insulation for pipelines, joints, and other cylindrical structures. These heat shrink sleeves are designed using materials like polyethene which are cross linked or high density known for its durability, chemical resistivity, thermal stability and high insulation properties. These heat shrink sleeves used in pipelines can come in various types wraparound heat shrink sleeves, pre stretched and adhesive lined heat shrink sleeves. These heat shrink sleeves are used in various pipeline applications like protecting and insulate joints, welds, and field repairs on pipelines, shield against moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements.

Loyal Electric Ware Hardware Trading L.L.C

Loyal Electric Ware Hardware Trading L.L.C is a one of the leading, professionally managed importers and stockiest of electrical and electromechanical products based in Sharjah UAE. These suppliers provides various types of heat shrinkable sleeves starting from flame retardant polyolefin shrinkable sleeves, G5-YG yellow and green stripped polyolefin tubing, ATM medium wall polyolefin tubing, BSWP - PET Expandable Wrap Braided Cable Sleeving and more.

Product Specifications of BSWP - PET Expandable Wrap Braided Cable Sleeving

  • Operating temperature : -50oC ~ 125oC
  • Standard Color : Black
  • Heat resistance: 150°C/240 hrs
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: -50°C/4 hrs
  • UV light resistant
  • Light weight and flexible for easy installation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve sizes for cables: 12.7 mm, 15.6 mm, 19.1 mm, 31.8 mm

Product Specification of G 5 Flame retardant polyolefin tube

  • Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1
  • Very flexible, highly flame retardant
  • Resistant to common fluids and solvents
  • Excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties
  • Meet RoHS
  • Tensile Strength: ?10.4MPa
  • Elongation at break: ?200%
  • Heat shock (200? /4 hrs.)
  • Sizes: 0.8 mm

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