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Led Lights in UAE

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Office NO. 302, Liberty building, Near Bank of Sharjah, Al GarhoudDubai, UAE 34862
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Near UBL, Fikri Market, Nasr Square, DeiraDubai, UAE 32617

About Led Lights

Led Lights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are eco-friendly lights that are not only used for regular lighting but can be used as decoration lights. LED lights have a longer lifespan when compared to other types of lights. LEDs are devices and semiconductors that convert electricity into light. A LED light can be used for more than 25,000 hours. LED lights are used in homes and in industries and are available in different shapes and sizes for various applications. Some of the most commonly used LED lights are miniature LED lights, LED strip lights, application specific LED lights, directional- reflectors, LED tube lights, and LED industrial high bay lights.

Miniature Led lights are commonly used in digital cameras and as indicators in mobile phones. LED strip lights are produced with high-powered LEDs that are attached with the use of an adhesive coating to thin and flexible circuit boards. They are commonly used as decorative lights. Application specific LED lights are customized LEDs that are produced for a specific application such as billboards and public displays. LED tube lights are soon becoming the most commonly used tube lights in homes and offices because of the long lifespan and the less amount of power they consume. LED tube lights are environment-friendly and do not radiate UV rays and produce less heat when compared to the conventional tube lights.

Directional-reflector lamps could be used to provide lighting to a large area and are ideal for use in places where goods that are sensitive to UV light emissions are stored. LED industrial high bay lighting are durable and long lasting and are also cost effective making them an ideal lighting options for industrialists. LED lights are also used as street lights, flood lights, and stage lights. LED lights are beneficial to the environment and are also the efficient types of lighting because they require 85% less power when compared to all other types of lighting. The most popular locations in UAE to find manufacturers and suppliers of LED lights are Al Salam street in Abu Dhabi and Hamriya free zone in Sharjah and Al Quoz 1 in Dubai.