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Icv Certified in UAE

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About Icv certified

ICV Certificate Services in UAE

The ICV system, initiated by National Oil (ADNOC) in 2018, is a robust framework for registered suppliers in the UAE. The In-Country Value (ICV Certification) program promotes economic diversification across multiple sectors. While ICV certification isn't compulsory for all registered dealers, it's essential for those bidding on government tenders. Our list includes suppliers and dealers in the UAE with ICV certification. A strong ICV score reflects a company's contribution to the UAE's economy, encompassing a mix of manufactured goods, investment, expatriate contribution, and investment growth. The ICV certificate remains valid for 14 months following the issue date of audited financial statements.

ICV Cretification requirements

It is essential for the business to meet the following criteria.

  • Allocating a part of your spending to local suppliers and service providers.
  • Employing a considerable number of UAE Nationals as part of your workforce.
  • Recording investments made within the UAE.

ICV Certificate Application Process

  • Step 1: Register your business with the appropriate authorities in the UAE.
  • Step 2: Gather necessary documents such as financial records, purchase orders, contracts and employee information.
  • Step 3: Conduct an evaluation to ascertain the ICV score, which gauges the value created.
  • Step 4: Determine the ICV score, taking into account local expenditures, capital investments, and the employment of nationals.
  • Step 5: Keep precise records and comply with the ICV program's regulations.

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