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Lighting in UAE

Image for  Corys Build Centre LLC
First Al Khail, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 2345
Image for  Agkuja Trading LLC
Al Shafar Aweer Building, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1Dubai, UAE 39513
Image for  Hayek Lighting LLC
M2 Floor, Building 10, Camp Tower, Delma StreetAbu Dhabi, UAE 110634
Image for  QCON General Trading LLC
318th Almidan Road, Next to Al Ahli Driving Center, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4Dubai, UAE 393677
Dubai, UAE 49341
Products & Services : Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers
Dubai, UAE 13540
Products & Services : Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers
Near Bank St, Al Shuwain, RollaSharjah, UAE 21781
Products & Services : Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers
Salahuddin Rd, Al MuraqqabatDubai, UAE 39189
Office 415, 3rd East Wing Building, DAFZADubai, UAE 54620
Between R/A 6 & 7, Jebel Ali Free ZoneJebel Ali, UAE 261800
Products & Services : Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers

About Lighting

Lighting is used to enhance the appearance of the building or surrounding area. It involves the use of both natural lighting options as well as the use of light fixtures. Interior designers construct the building in such a manner that they allow sufficient external light to enter the building. This model of design is performed to provide natural light to the structure. They install colourful class on windows and doors which reflect natural light to the room in attractive colours. Natural light will help you save on your electricity bill and save the environment by conserving electricity during daytime.

Interior designers use three different types of lighting systems as they are the most preferred. The three important types of lighting include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting; this option provides a soft glow to your surrounding. It reduces glare to a great extent and blankets your space to a considerable extent. This system is widely used in cinematography and photography to provide an enhanced ambience at the shooting location. It gives the room a natural flat appearance which enhances the interior décor’s surrounding. It can also be designed to concentrate on one space as well. This is also known as mood lighting as it highlights every small detail and allows your pupils to dilate. This system is commonly used in restaurants, hotels and dining areas. Recessed lights and chandeliers are some examples of ambient lighting.

Recessed lights or track lights are a series of lights which are aligned in a certain manner. They can be attached to different ceilings but are best suited for high raised ceilings. Chandlers are best suited for high raised ceilings and are designed to enhance the furnishing of a hall or room. Some of them can also be fitted in foyers or over bathtubs in bathrooms. Another popular type of recessed light is the wall light or the wall scone which is very versatile in nature. They are used in hallways, porches, swimming pools and other similar locations.

Task lighting is widely used in corporate environments as they help enhance the performance of employees by enabling them to focus on work. This type of system is designed to focus light on to a particular area which reduces glare and intensifies light to the designated area. Task lighting is efficient at illuminating brain activity and increasing attention span. Some commonly used task lighting systems are desk lamps, swing arm lamps, floor lamps, under cabinet vanity lights and pendant lights.

Accent lighting is one of the most popular lighting options as it is famous for its attractive design. It is a very concentrated light which is used to illuminate certain pieces. It is commonly used to illuminate wall art and other artefacts in museums, wall washing, artwork display, pieces of furniture, collection and general architecture. Outdoor accent lighting is used in the event of a special occasion. Some examples of accent lights include wall lights, recessed lights, spotlights and landscape lights. Some popular locations to find interior designers who install lighting systems in the UAE are Ajman, Port Saeed Sheikh Rashid Road, Deira, Bin Soughat building, Salahuddin road and Al Quoz Industrial area.