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Razors And Razor Blades in UAE

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Products & Services : Razors and Razor Blades
Jebel Ali, UAE
Products & Services : Razors and Razor Blades

About Razors and Razor Blades

A wide variety of razors and razor blades in UAE are manufactured and sold by many companies. Razors are generally used by men for shaving purposes and it is a part of shaving kits and tools. Disposable razors have one fixed unchangeable razor blade and needs to be disposed after a certain period of time. Razors with changeable blades last long and require change of blades. The type and size of razor blades vary from razor to razor. Before modern razors were invented normal blades were used in razors made of metal. The stainless steel blades have been replaced by modern razorblades with two or three blade features.