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Solar Energy Equipment And Supplies in UAE

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A3-23 SAIF ZoneSharjah, UAE 120769
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Dubai, UAE 1200
Near R/A 12, Jebel Ali Free ZoneJebel Ali, UAE 262878
Dubai, UAE
Building 22, Suwaidi Sons Building, Street 47, Naif DeiraDubai, UAE 378151
The European Business Center, DIPDubai, UAE 26855
Office 204, Brashy Building, Sh Zayed RoadDubai, UAE 26075

About Solar Energy Equipment And Supplies

Solar equipment gives a complete solution for a powerback up both for residential and commercial by utilising the natural resource. Trojan, Crown, Philips, SMA, SuKam, Lorentz, Doka Solar Big Belly, GE Lighting, CSUN, Amber & Waseem, ekarat Solar, Morning Star, Jtan, 3M, AEG, ABB, Solmetric, Array, Wattsun, Kyocera, Sonnenschein, ISOFOTON, Schneider Electric, Canadian Solar, NBS, SHARP, SUNSHINE, VIESSMAN, SMA, Delta, Out Back Power are some of the popular brands that deals with solar equipments like solar panels, solar inverters, accessories, controllers, light fixtures, Solar batteries, Solar air consitioning, solar chager likesolar power back up, solar cellphone charger, Solar calculators solar street lights and chimneys. There are many other solar power driven products in the market like Solar cooker, Solar dryer, Solar operated fan, solar lamp, keyboard, pond, solar power pump and fountains, Solar traffic lights, solar notebook and solar watches and many more. Domestic solar equipments like solar power refrigerator, solar vehicle, solar golf carts are some of the major powerback up solutions.

Solar rooftop kits of about 4.5KW contains fifteen solar panels and they are enough to generate electricity that can be used for a villa which saves around twenty percent of the consumption on a daily basis. The average energy generated can be around 2000 hours per year which is economical. Solar panels price are much affordable in United Arab Emirates and surely is a smart investment. 335W 24V solar panels costs around 670 dirhams and a 10W 12V solar panels costs only 30 dirhams. Solar panel manufacturers and suppliers also deals with PV solar inverters Sunny boy and sunny island , sunny tripowerand some solar accessories of Sunny.

The World Future Energy System has decided to implement solar power Energy in WFES Mobility, WFES Green Buildings, WFES Solar, WFES EcoWaste, WFES Water. The initiatives on the project was taken in 2018. The maintenance of solar panels are very much affordable and easy. Solar power energy is one of the smart solutions for generating smart power.

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