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Solar Film Protection in UAE

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About Solar Film Protection

A solar film is a thin sheet of film which can be applied on to different types of glass which include car windshields, office partitions, glass windows, glass doors and glass window panels. They are reflective in-nature and bounces away a sizeable amount of solar radiation as sunlight passes through the room. The amount of rejected energy depends on the quality of the film, they come in different types of colours which add an architectural appeal to the building. Once applied they last for a long time, most solar protection films last for 15 years if applied professionally. They help prevent solar radiation, infra-red radiation and ultraviolet radiation which can lead to skin tan, premature ageing and in extreme cases skin cancer. Applying solar films can prevent glare and keep your room cool. They can also minimize electricity bills as the air conditioning systems need more electricity to function during hot climatic conditions. Using solar film minimize the need to use air conditioners and room coolers thereby saving on your electricity bill.

Solar protection films act as a natural sunscreen as they offer an SPF factor equivalent to 285 which is over 30 times more than sunscreen lotions. These window films are suitable for both commercial and residential applications and they need to be applied professionally for maximum durability. There are a wide range of solar window films which are reflective film, dual-reflective film, deluxe film, neutral film, exterior film, low E-film, speciality window film, ceramic window film, harmony film and spectrally-selective film. Solar protective window films reflect heat, reduce fading of furniture, save energy, block UV rays and increase interior comfort. Reflective window films are specifically designed to reduce glare and provide a high level of solar heat control. When applied they give a silvery mirrored look to the glass when viewed with indoor lighting and outdoor daylight.

Dual reflective solar films are manufactured by paring them with a mirrored exterior side which offers superior solar control and gives a clear view even at night. Deluxe films are crafted to offer a high level of heat rejection and enhance interior comfort in different ways. They come in different shades giving it a sophisticated non-reflective appearance. Neutral solar protection films are ceramic films which minimize the change in the appearance of exterior walls and allowing a large quantity of natural indoor light. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which distribute solar protection films in the UAE are Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira Street, Al Quoz industrial area, Port of Fujairah, Al Ramool and Muroor road.